Whatsapp send message API Link

Hello readers,

In this article, I am gonna talk about Whatsapp API.

What is Whatsapp API and What things you can do with WhatsApp API and How you can use it for your Business?

It’s all about WhatsApp API

So let’s dive into it,

First, let’s understand What exactly is Whatsapp API?

In simple words, WhatsApp API is a program for developers by WhatsApp.

You can do many amazing things by WhatsApp API,

You can automate your WhatsApp,

You can send multiple messages to millions of WhatsApp user without saving number by just one click.

You can do many things with the help of WhatsApp API.

The Whatsapp API I am talking about is a simple send message link.

Send message link will help you in many ways.

Below is send message API link


(Replace xxxxx by your number.)

In the above link, %20 is used for space between two words or characters.

You can add your custom message, after &text=

Whenever someone will click on your link they will be directly redirected to your WhatsApp chat screen with your custom message in it, just like below image.

Forget that normal way of sharing your WhatsApp number, start sharing this link and stand out and save your time.

This link will help you with many things, It depends how wisely you use.

Whenever Someone asks my WhatsApp number, I send everyone a customize link with their name.

This is How I use WhatsApp send message API,

There are many ways to use this Whatsapp send message API. As I said you its upto you, how wisely you use.

You can also use it in your email footers.

Use it as you want.

I know its a simple hack, but this will help you in connecting with people on whatsapp.

Its my way of sharing my whatsapp number on web.

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