Top 3 Free Stock Images Websites for High Quality Copyright Free Images

You need Images, whether its a blog or your business or Your social media, You need Professional High-Quality images. Many people steal Images from other websites and that is Illegal. You may get sued or You may have to pay High Fines if you steal Images from others Website. All images you find on Google are not Copyright-free Images, Downloading that images and using that images for your Business/Blog are not allowed. Only some images are copyright free on google

So what can you do now, Where can you find those Images?

Don’t worry, In this Blog Post I have shared 3 amazing websites which I personally Use for High Quality copyright Free Images for my Blog and Social Media, So without wasting your time lets dive into it.

Top 3 Free Stock Images Websites for Quality Copyright Free Images

  1. Number one Is

Unsplash is an amazing website for Free Stock Images. The qualtiy of images is amazing and there are Hundred’s of categories with thousands of Images to choose from.


You Just need to Goto the Website, Search Whatever type of Images you want and hit enter and Boom you will see 100’s awesome of images.

There you will see many Images and then Select whatever Image You want and Hit that download and Use on Your blog or wherever you want according to Unsplash Terms and conditions/Policies. (Please read it before using , you cant use that images in any kind of adult websites or in any wrong thing).

You can search for any type of Image, Just like I searched Digital marketing in below image.

Digital Marketing pictures

Select any image you like, Just like I selected the first image.

Download image for free

After choosing your favorite image, Just click on the download button as shown in the image.

You can search any keyword, Just like I have searched for keyword “people talking” so I got images related to it, where people are talking,

pictures of people talking

  1. Number two is Pexels .com

Pexels provides you free stock images just like Unsplash , You can use it as an alternative , suppose you are searching Some type of Images on unsplash and You are not able to find or you want some more Images then I would say goto to find. is also having an amazing set of High-quality Images.

Search for your keywords and hit enter.

pexels stock images website


Pixabay is also an amazing website for free Stock Images , You can use as an alternative to Unsplash and pexels.

Apart from Images, Pixabay also provides amazing stock videos, Vector graphics, and Illustrations for absolutely free.

awesome website for free stock images

Just head into, Search related Keywords, choose any type (images, videos, vector graphics and illustrations) and hit enter.

You will get plenty of awesome images/videos.

Just like I got this amazing video. I just searched for keyword “Digital Marketing” in videos section.


From all the above Websites , I Use Unsplash more and Unsplash  is my favorite website.

I tried to Keep this article small and simple, and I Hope above Article was helpful for you, If yes Please leave a comment below and Please correct me If I was wrong somewhere.

Please leave a Feedback in comments So that I can Improve myself.

That was it for this Blog Post, See you in Next Blog Post 🙂

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