Hi! I am Piyush Kukreja.

Digital Marketing Consultant.

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Who is Piyush Kukreja?

Piyush Kukreja is Digital Marketing Practitioner, Podcaster and International Best Selling Author.

Currently He is helping coaches/trainers in launch/grow and scale their online training business to 6,7 Figures.

Piyush is Host of #1 Hindi Digital Marketing Podcast "The Piyush Kukreja Show" where he shares his digital marketing journey and also Interview digital marketing experts, He has interviewed experts like Neil Patel,Sorav Jain, James Smiley, Parul Agrawal, Rohan Chaubey and many Digital Influencers.

Piyush's work is recommended by India's digital leaders, like Jitendra Vaswani, Viraj Kalra, and many such experts.

Brands I have worked with

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Here's what experts are saying about Piyush's work.

Meet Viraj Kalra, India's Top most Public speaker and coach.
I helped Viraj in getting 500+ Webinar Registrants for his very first webinar on digital public speaking.

Meet Jitendra Vaswani, the man behind Bloggers ideas
I helped jitendra in launching a Successful podcast "Inside a hustlers brain podcast"
And also helped him in running some Successful affiliate facebook Campaigns.

Featuring Neil Patel on The Piyush Kukreja Show

I convert people into personal brands and later help them in monetizing their brand.
Sounds Interesting ?

If you are a personal brand or about to start your personal branding journey and looking for someone who can help you in building your personal brand and in making money from your personal brand.

If you are that someone, then congratulations, we can become friends 😍

Ahh? Piyush ?

What are you Talking about?

instead of talking, let me show you Some Of My Best Results

300k+ in sales in four weeks of launch

Have a look on results of one of my clients, to whom I helped in launching his first ever course from scratch.
We are proud to say that, we were able to generate 300k+ in sales in our four weeks of our launch.

Me and my team helped this client in planning and setting up his online course From Scratch.
Then building sales funnel from scratch with a killer sales copy.
Then successfully launched the offer and boom, scaled to Rs.300k in 4 weeks.
and the best part. Ad spend was less than 50k 😱😱
Aprox 7x ROAS 😍😍

Now have a look on one of my clients results, for whom I was running webinar ads.

15k in less than 30mins. of launch

Here are some results from launch hour of one of my clients. We crossed 15k in sales in less than 30 mins of launch.

Have A Look At What My Other Clients/Students/Colleagues Are Saying About Me.

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