Social Media Strategy for a dietician

Social Media Strategy for a dietician.

This a very short and quick strategy I have made for you guys.

The first thing you need to do is, Ask How you can provide value to your audience?

I have shared some of the points from which you can add value to your audience.

  • Teach Others, Share the Knowledge

You need to Share your knowledge in the form of text, Videos and as well as audio.

Start producing video content, Because Video builds more trust than any of the content.

Make Videos on,

FAQ videos  – Look what people are asking you most on social media and in person, Make a video out of it and share across your social media.

Ask series – You can start a series where you will answer queries you got on social media.

Let’s say if someone is asking you something on Facebook.

How can I lose weight in 5weeks or something like that?

Make a video out of it.

Whenever someone asks you a question, give them a video answer.

Tips Videos – Share some short tips like

How can you lose weight in 90days?

The best diet for heart patients

Make videos off all the articles you have posted on your blog.

Always remember Useful information becomes shared information.

Now let’s talk about Platforms.

How you can promote your self on different platforms?


YouTube can be a very good friend of yours if you will use it wisely.

YouTube is for Long-form content, so don’t hesitate to put long videos.

YouTube can help you with local searches

Make a video on weight loss and Title it Weight loss treatment in Delhi

Create more How to videos

Target to Put 10 Videos in a Month

  1. Google Places

Google places is the best way to promote any local business.

Add your Business in Google my Businesses.

After adding

Ask all your customers/students to give you a review on Google places.

Trust me it will help you drive more customers to you.

As people will search Dietician near me or Dietician in Delhi.

Your listing will pop up in the first place of Google.


Always come live twice a week on Facebook, that’s going to create trust and drive you good engagement.

Always prior announce about your live session.

Create a Facebook group.

  1. Instagram – Instagram is booming and if you are not putting content on Instagram then you are losing many customers.

Create IGTV episodes.

Post regularly on Instagram.

Share some awesome stories.

Create micro-content and share it on Instagram.

Instagram is more for microcontent.

Let me give you an example of micro-content.

Let’s say you have created an FAQ video for YouTube which is of around 25mins and you have answered around 15 questions.

Now you can make 15 videos out of this 15 Questions which you have answered on YouTube.

And you can make more 15 Videos of 15 sec each for Instagram stories.

Use Instagram polling feature to engage with your audience and to promote your Videos and articles.

Let’s say you have made a video on How to lose weight in 90 days.

Now create an Instagram poll for this video,

Ask them in poll, Do ya ou want to know how you can lose weight in 90days.

Yes or No.

Those who will vote yes, Dm them your video.

You can dm below msg with your video link

Hey, you just voted yes on my story.

So here’s the video.

I have explained how you can lose weight in just 90days.

Do watch it and let me know your feedback.

  1. Whatsapp – Never underestimate Whatsapp.

Whatsapp is also one of the best ways to drive customers.

Whatever content you make broadcast it to your WhatsApp contacts.

Leverage Whatsapp status. Always share something valuable on Whatsapp status.

  1. Ebook – Launch a Ebook on diet and give away it for free

101 Dieting tips,

Use this Ebook for collecting data.

Make a Landing page, ask people to fill in their details to get free Ebook.

Run Facebook video ads for free Ebook.

  1. Blog – Write How to articles.

Share some case studies

Share some recipes.

  1. Podcast – Podcast is an audio form of content.

Start a podcast and share your quick diet tips.

Interview Dieticians from other cities.

Invite real people on your show and make it a Q/A episode.

Shoot an SMS/email to your patients and inform them that now you are on social media with your social profile links.

Remember – consistency is key, Always be consistent with your content.

This was just a short strategy which I thought to share it with you.

If you have any questions to ask, ping me on Whatsapp

So this was Just a short strategy for you. In the future, I will keep on updating this article.

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