90DayswritingChallenge by Piyush Kukreja

So we have reached our final day  #Day90 of #90DaysWritingChallenge

So In this last post of my Challenge, I am going to share my whole journey of my #90DaysWritingChallenge

I am going to share everything about this challenge.

So, let’s dive into this post

What is #90DaysWritingChallenge ?

90 days back on 6th October 2018 (Saturday) I challenged myself to write/post every single day for 90 Straight Days.

How it all started?

On 5th October 2018 (i.e. Friday) I was just scrolling through my facebook news feed, as usual, I do, and luckily I saw a post of one of my facebook friend Vilok, Two words in that post caught my attention. The two words were #Day02 of #my90DaysWritingChallenge. These two words really caught my attention and made me read his whole post. I read further and I found that he was trying to improve his writing skills and that was the reason he started that challenge, and that was the moment I got the idea of doing my challenge. So, I decided to do the same for next 90days, and I was having no idea, what I was going to post and where will all the topic ideas will come from and I not even thought of doing for 21 days or 30 days, I decided to do for 90days. So, that day I decided the topic for the next day and on Saturday evening I announced my challenge and the #Day01 begins and that was the day that changed my whole social media thing and so-called personal brand thing. In this first hour of posting my #Day01 post, I started getting good engagement on the post, People started commenting on the post and I was even shocked to see such an amazing response.

So Day one passed and I still remember on #Day02 there was a meetup in Mumbai that was organized by Indian Digital Club. I was in Pune and gone for that meetup and While coming back from Mumbai meetup to my place Pune, I was so tired and feeling sleepy in the bus and time was around 10:30pm and It was #Day02 and In the bus, I started writing my post and the topic was Why attain Meetups. And on the next Day #Day03 I was at office (I used to job)

I was having no idea, what I am going to post, But I researched on google and quora for the topics and Posted m post of #Day03 and the process of thinking and researching for new topics continues till #Day08 (Saturday). And on sunday I was going to attend biggest Digital Marketing Event of year 2018 that was DM Conference. Ever friend I meet there and the first thing everyone say after meeting me was 90 days challenge haa, I read your post. Every seccond friend I meet and the thing the talk about was my 90 days writing challenge. That was clear that Now Everyone in my online circle and groupmates knows that I am doing this Challenge called #90DaysWritingChallenge. After hearing so many compliments,deep inside I said My self Now I cant stop this challenge, I will complete this challenge in any cost.

And the event successfully ended.

And We (me and my pune friends with some Mumbai friends) gone to some cafe to eat something and to chill and share our experience of the day, Everyone was eating and I was the only one thinking “Aaj kya post karuga” (What will I post today), Then after thinking for some time I got a topic and while everyone was chilling I posted my post of #Day09 and We headed to Pune.

And the same thing was getting repeated, Every Day I used to think of what to post, research for new topics and also Used to ask my close friends.

What did I get from this Challenge?

After posting for some days, People started following me, I started getting messages where people asking me Questions and People appreciating me and supporting me.

People started knowing me.

Many Big names of Digital Marketing Industry started knowing me.

I got connected to many people.

I got to know about m potential to think and do research.

Now I know How to research new topics.

How to write in a proper format.

My writing skills got improved.

I learned many new things in this journey.

Places where I have wrote m post –

To make sure I not broke this challenge, I have written post in many situations and places.

I have written post in the bus while travelling.

In the local train.

In the restrauntant.

On Dhabha while travelling to Nashik from Pune.

Even I have written my post in the wedding too.

This challenge took me to the next level.

I realized that Putting out content and providing more value to your audience is soo much Important and It opens new doors of Opportunities for us.

My mentor and My Guru, Garyvee says Start putting out valuable content and Start providing value to audience And this was the first time I applied what he said and It really opened many doors for me.

There were some mistakes I did in this challenge was I used to post at wrong time, I always used to post after 11pm. The most common time I posted was 11:50 pm – 11:59pm ( to ensure I post before 12am)

I posted about Many Digital Marketing things, Hacks, tips, and amazing strategies, But the most thing I shared were tools.

In this #90DaysWritingChallenge I shared around 50 tools related to Digital Marketing. (Soon I will share the whole list of tools, which I shared in my posts)

At the end Support from you guys was amazing that Many of my facebook friends shared many amazing tools with me in person and asked me to share with my audience.

This is not the end of content or posts, this is just the last day of my #90DaysWritingChallenge.

I am going to come up with 10x content.

I am coming with the more valuable post in coming days.

I would like to Thank each one of you who read my post, Who liked my post, who commented on my post and who supported me for this challenge.

Without You all, I would not reach #Day90, Your support motivated me to post every single day.

There are many things to share about this but that’s it for this post.

There is something I would like to tell you is,

Challenge yourself to Change Yourself.

Challenge yourself for the next 90, 100 , 900 , 1000 days….

Challenge yourself for anything you want to accomplish.

Challenge your self for going to Gym

Challenge yourself for waking up early every day.

Challenge yourself for reading everyday.

Please let me know in the comments section, What you are going to Challenge yourself today ?

Thanks for reading my post till last 🙂

9 thoughts on “90DayswritingChallenge by Piyush Kukreja”

  1. Congratulations!!..Piyush Kukreja for your completion of 90 days challenge.I read your post it was actually informative and for me as a start-up it gave me knowledge about many things be it stage fear or social media articles each post of yours was informative and loved to read it.. Will be waiting for your upcoming “posts” and not just post..☺️☺️
    ALL THE BEST!! for your further actions..

  2. Hi. Very interesting content but it’s hard to find piyushkukreja.com in search results.
    You are out of google’s top 10, so you can’t expect big traffic.
    You need hi quality backlinks to rank in serps.
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    forbesden’s tools

    1. Yes, I know I am not ranking on google because I am not focusing on site seo and frankly speaking I don’t know much about SEO

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