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November 2018 – Current

Video editor (Freelancer)

I love editing videos and this is what I am doing since school times and from November 2018 I have taken my passion as a career and business.

I will love to edit videos for you.

Aug. 2018 – Current

Podcast Host

The Piyush Kukreja Show

I started this Podcast to share my Digital Marketing Journey and knowledge.

I also Invite Digital Marketing Experts to take their Interview on my show.

My goal is to provide as much as value I can through this Podcast.

June 2017 – Current

Social Media Consultant (Freelancer)

I am currently Self employed. I help Individuals and Businesses in building their brand and businesses through social media.

But i love what i do.

Oct. 2017 – Jan.2018

Website designer and Social Media Intern.


Back in 2017, I was working as an Intern for Unfolded, to learn the things practically.

May. 2017 – Oct.2017


MNC (I can’t share the name)

This was my first ever job. I can’t share the name of the company. I left this job in 4 months.


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2014 – 2017

Bsc. Computer Science

Ashoka College Nashik

This 3 years were the golden years of my life. I will earn billions of dollars in future but I can never ever go back to those days and I can never get that classroom back.

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[progress_bar text=”Audio Marketing” percent=”87″]
[progress_bar text=”Wordpress” percent=”91″]

[progress_bar text=”Video Marketing” percent=”90″]
[progress_bar text=”Photoshop” percent=”67″]
[progress_bar text=”Video Editing” percent=”76″]
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Vincent Wood

CEO / Gravity Inc.

He is a great and hardworking guy. I am so proud of i have him as my asistant. He helped me so much. Also i am so proud of i have him as my asistant. He helped me so much.

Gary Morgan

Chemist / Freelancer

He was a great co-worker and a friend. I would’t be where i am without his support.

Jason Wilson

Lab Geek / Miami Metro

He is ok. I don’t really know him. He looks nice.