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Show Notes

In this episode, I have interviewed one of the greatest minds of digital marketing, none other than Neil Patel.

Below are some questions I have asked Neil Patel in this episode.

1. What’s the best way to start a career in Digital Marketing in 2020? Like how should we learn digital marketing?

2. How would You start your Digital Marketing journey if you were to start in 2020 from scratch, zero money, No prior experience, as a pure beginner?

3. Is Seo Dead, If not then what is the future of SEO?

4. A piece of advice in this COVID hit Era- when a lot of marketers have lost their jobs, many agencies have lost their clients and so many had to shut down their business ..How should we all deal with all this? A few wise words of Do's and Don't. Neil.

5. What’s your take on podcasting? How do you see podcasting in 5 years? Is it worth investing time in Podcasting?

6. What are 3 Strategies to rank New and fresh website on google?

7. How can someone work for Neil Patel?

And I have asked many more commonly asked questions.

PS - Show notes will be added/updated soon

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Meet Jitendra Vaswani, the man behind Bloggers ideas
Jitendra is digital nomad, blogger and 6 fig. affiliate marketer.
I helped jitendra in launching a Successful podcast "Inside a hustlers brain podcast"
And also helped him in running some Successful affiliate facebook Campaigns.

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